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Thread: Kinda like a custom shop…

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    Sorry, it's lousy quality, but there it is. Bound and blocked. Looked pretty cool.


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    I hope for those of us who don’t have social media we’ll also see the announcement here.

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    ^^^ Damn, that's pretty amazing. Just one of one? I wonder who snagged it...

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    Any updates on custom shop stuff? A SSS ASS like Jamie Humphries is at the top of my list. I'd also go for another Semi-Hollow without the M-hole.

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    I thought Sterling put that one to bed, but I always thought it'd be cool if they had a small window of time where you could put in a custom order.

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    Something like the Mod Shop could cost me a LOT of money, since there are about five EBMM instruments I'd love to own; I'm just waiting for a color I can't live without.

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    I don't do social media so if this was laid to rest I wouldn't know.

    I thought the last thing sent was " more to come"

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    I'm all for it! It's possible I'm getting some posts the BP made confused with something else, but I was sure he addressed this.

    I'm HAPPY to eat crow on this though. Last I heard from a customer service rep was they're running on reduced staff, so I can't imagine this is in the cards right now.

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    I would love a custom guitar. I'd probably have to let something go to justify it as these geetars ain't as cheap as even two years ago.
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