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Thread: JP6 BFR price europe

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    JP6 BFR price europe

    Hi guys,

    what is a reasonable price for a 2010 JP6 BFR with piezo in Europe? I see prices on reverb w/o piezo from 1650 and up, which I think is a little too much.
    I guess with piezo I would be willing to offer 1800, 2000 tops.
    What do you think?


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    When looking at prices on Reverb, remember to use the filter to see only Sold Listings and limit results to European Union. That way you see what they really go for near you, rather the asking price which tends to be a little higher. Having said that, just looking today, my felling is that a JP6 with piezo for less than €1700 is probably pretty rare or in poor condition and they will easily go for more than €2000 in excellent condition.
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    This is a JP6 no Piezo in France which hopefully gives you a starting point:

    Music man JP 6 | Broc Music | Reverb

    This is a BFR JP6 with Piezo:

    Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 BFR Red Burst | Ribecco's Gear Depot | Reverb

    Maybe the price is the mid-point of these two.

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