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Thread: EBMM Steve Morse Standard - suggestions for replacing slanted neck single coil pickup

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    EBMM Steve Morse Standard - suggestions for replacing slanted neck single coil pickup

    Hey guys! Looking for some suggestions for a replacement pickup for the slanted neck single coil on my Morse Standard. I upgraded the pots to 500K, and I'm digging the sound of everything better right now, except the neck single. It's just too weak sounding compared to the others.

    I replaced it with a Dimarzio Fast Track 1, but it sounds too dull. Looking for something that hits harder but is nice and bright, but I know that higher output singles usually end up having more high end roll off.

    Currently looking at a Dimarzio Area 67, FS-1 or Red Velvet. Also looking at the Suhr V70.

    Any other suggestions for something bright, punchy, but also loud for this particular position? It's literally half way between a neck position and a middle position, so getting the voicing and output right is tricky.

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    I have the Area in my slanted position and it has punch and a little bite. I like it. I also put an Injector in the slot next to the bridge PU.
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    Which Area are you using in the slanted position? How is the output on it-- do you have it set fairly low, or close to the strings?

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    I've never loved this pickup. Of the ones I've tried, I quite liked the Suhr ML. I know Tommy (forum member and Steve's tech) likes a Lollar Blonde in there. I've been debating throwing one in there. (That's probably lower output than you're looking for, though.)

    I find my biggest complaint with the stock singles is the stagger- the pole pieces are often in the way. So something non-staggered would be handy.

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