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Thread: Want position 3 to be series not parallel

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    Want position 3 to be series not parallel

    Hi All. Just added a Koa BFR Luke 3 HH to my guitar arsenal. I want the position 3 switch to make the 2 HB pickups in series not parallel. There are enough parallel sounds with positions 2 and 4. Does anyone know how to rewire to put the 2 HB in series?

    I'm curious about the 5 pots inside the guitar. I've read online that 2 are for boost (can it go more than 12dB? I've read up to 20dB?) and mix and the other 3 don't affect the sound. I've emailed Ernie Ball asking for details. Does anyone already know?

    Thanks and happy playing ! I'm celebrating 50 years of performing this year. Can't imagine my life without the gift of being able to play guitar.
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    Music Man's reply: "Unfortunately, we do not provide support for modifications." However, previously they said they would send me the "appropriate wiring diagram" which I have yet to receive.

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    Music Man customer service has been very nice. They did send me a circuit diagram. Their final reply:

    "The trim pot labelled P/U Comp is the pickup compression which helps balance the output level of the full humbucking positions with the split coil positions. We set that to 7.62k in factory for the HH model.

    The BST trim pot is for the volume boost, it adjusts how much volume boost you get when the volume knob is pushed to be activated in the up position. We set that to 14k in factory.

    The 3 trim pots that are touching have no affect on the sound in this guitar. It's a universal circuit board that we use in several models and those are piezo adjustment controls for piezo equipped models that use the same circuit board. "

    In researching having the 2 HB's in series (which means 4 coils in series) I've read that the sound is muddy and I've also heard in a video the fullness and loudness of one who did it. I don't know if I can do it without affecting the other pickup configurations. I have a few circuit diagrams with which to work so it'll take some time to figure it out and then decide.
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