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Thread: Which EBMM would you got for ?

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    Which EBMM would you got for ?

    Unfortunately the sky high UK prices have stopped my getting a new Axis - I'm not paying £3,849 / $5,389 which equates to 180% of the US prices.

    Luckily the 2nd hand market has some bargains . I'm currently looking at a very well priced Luke 2, a pricier Luke #I Anniversary model, a nice Morse with MM Floyd.

    I love my '97 Luke 1 so I'm angling towards that, even though the Morse would give greater variety and the Luke 2 is the cheapest of them all. No decent Luke 3 deals as yet, so that's not a current option for me. There are also a whole host of Axis guitars (just missed out on a nice blue one for £1k / $1,400).

    What would you go for !!

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    Personally, Iím going for an Albert Lee and narrowing down my search. Of the guitars youíve suggested, I would wait and find a nice deal on an Axis.

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    There are some great deals out there that's for sure. I hope you find what your looking for. Can't wait to see what you end up with. All of the ones you show are really nice.

    Glenn |B)
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    I would definitely pick up an Albert Lee or three...
    Balls are Best!!

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    2010 Axis Super Sport BFR Bahama Blue Burst Rosewood fretboard

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    Cheers guys.

    The Albert Lee definitely isn't my style of guitar : I'm sure they play brilliantly, but I'm from the Eddie, Lukather, Jazz Fusion style of playing .. not country style or weird shapes.

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    fwiw, I was put off by the AL shape for a number of years... would see them in the store, but no interest in touching one. Then one day there was one that really caught my attention enough to actually try it. I discovered in a moment that the weird shape made for one of the most balanced & comfortable guitars I'd ever played! Took that puppy home and the rest is history...
    Also, any version of AL exceeds at any style of music, not just Albert's style...
    Not trying to convince or convert anyone, only educate on the merits of the EBMM AL...
    Balls are Best!!

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    I am more of a classic rock and blues player. Occasionally a bit of shredding. I do like Uli Jon Roth's playing very much. I also like passive electronics, and I don't get having a boost circuit in a guitar that already has super hot pickups.

    I have found the Axis Super Sport (and presumably the Axis, I'll soon find out) are great for the classic rock riffs that I play. The neck feels great for lead playing too. The neck pickup on the Axis Super Sport is fantastic for blues too.

    I haven't got a Luke but I did put a pair of Transitions in a Hamer guitar that I have. Amazing tone with lots of crunch. I'd guess a Luke model would be great for classic and hard rock.

    I've read that the Albert Lee 2H has the same pickups as the Axis, so I'd expect that one could do classic and hard rock, and blues as well as the Axis models.

    I like the Y2D and Steve Morse because to my ear, the bridge pickup has a bit of Tele twang when played into a clean amp. I'd get one of these before I'd get a Tele. Also, the neck pickup has a thick, wooly tone that I like on certain leads. It's a very unique tone.

    Also, since I play some blues, I've been eyeing the St Vincent 3H. I think it would make a great blues guitar. And there is one position on its pickup selector switch that produces a very clear, clean tone, great for ambient guitar, which I also like to do.
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    Thanks for the insight - I do love the neck on my Luke 1 .. more so than on my EVH Sig, although the axis necks are said to have a little more chunk on them which could suit. The Morse looks lovely aside from the signature on the pickups.

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    Looks like your selected options include Floyds and a standard trem bridge. What is your preference between the two bridge types? Neck profiles? Modding?
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    Ideally a Floyd, or a standard tremolo as long as it pulls up. HSS or HH and neck profile not too flat, the Luke 1 modelled on Lukather's Valley Arts suits.

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    Of those, I would take the Luke all day. I have 3 HSS's and they are such incredibly versatile guitars! The original Steve Morse model is also very versatile but I found the Y2D a bit underwhelming in comparison. The body style on the Morse is that of an old slab Tele. I will say that it does feel slightly better because the edges have been rolled somewhat. The two necks are also very similar but again, I prefer the LIII for whatever reason. It just feels perfect.

    As others mentioned, the AL is also a great guitar but I prefer the HSS format. I've never played the Luke 1 so I don't have any reference for that one. Good luck on your quest.

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    If you can find a HH Albert Lee try one. Cheaper ish than the Axis, but with exactly the same pickups.

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    Cheers guys - I'm just not into the Albert Lee, not my type of guitar. Sure it's really nice for those that have one.

    The Luke II got snagged .. so looks like I'll save for the LIII from existing stock in the UK (lower prices vs the recent surge) ... or failing that, I'll give in and get the anniversary Luke I ... love the way the neck plays on my '97.

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    Luke III get one

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