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Thread: Albert Lee HH Powder Blue - Microphonic Pickups

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    Albert Lee HH Powder Blue - Microphonic Pickups

    Hi there,
    I love my AL MM90 BFR so much I decided to get the HH version.
    As expected, the HH feels superb (and idential to the MM90 obcviously) and is great for hard rock tones.
    However, the pickups seem very microphonic.
    At anything above moderate gain; the pups pick up scratchplate and body sounds.
    Is this normal for these deMarzio custom pups? (also used in the Axis i believe)
    deMarzio have confirmed they are wax potted so I'm surprised that they are so sensitive.
    Could they be faulty / a bad batch with poor waxing?
    Any info will be gladly received.

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    Haven't noticed this in any of mine. Guessing you've got a wiring problem... or at least a bad case of static.
    Always try a couple of different cables and amps to see if it is indeed the guitar.
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    Agree with the above. Check cables and make sure you're not too close to fluorescent lighting or other close by electronics that may be emitting/receiving signals.

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    Thanks for your advice, but this isn't static type noise (had loads of that on a Telecaster).
    It's a microphonic issue, where the pickups are sensitive to knocks rather than rubbing / light touch. Just like old pickups that are dried out and need rewaxing - only thing is they are new.
    N.B. I use whirlwind elite cables into a two rock crs or victory v50, both top end hand wired tube amps so wiring isnt an issue. EBMM internal wiring is normally the best so I think its the pups.
    The question is whether this is normal or not for these pups.

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    In that case call customer service next week... they'll do what they can to help you
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    I'm working with the supplier (Gear4Music) and hoping for a resolution as I really don't want to return this. It's a lovely guitar to play.
    I've already contacted EBMM and for some reason they suggested I contact Sterling!
    Not sure why, as I thought EBMM was the parent company.
    It appears the Sterling ALHH has the same DM pickups as my MM ALHH, despite it being 1/4 of the price!
    Further disappointment, as I'd assumed the pups on the MM version would be of a superior quality.

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    So this is a Sterling rather than a MM instrument? They're different, unrelated companies. If so Sterling is who you have to talk to.

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    I wondered about that... I had a Sterling AL for awhile.... not even close to the same as a MM model.
    The pups on the Sterling were marginal at best...
    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ched View Post
    It appears the Sterling ALHH has the same DM pickups as my MM ALHH, despite it being 1/4 of the price!
    Further disappointment, as I'd assumed the pups on the MM version would be of a superior quality.
    So, do you have a Sterling by Musicman AL40, or do you have an Ernie Ball Musicman Albert Lee HH? I'm a bit confused here.

    Also I'm pretty sure that the SBMM AL40 HH does not have the same pickups as the EBMM ALHH. If they do the writeup on the SBMM website would specifically mention it. Most of the earlier models that had the dimarzio pickups would have a model number ending in D (for dimarzio.
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    To be clear, they are not the same pups...
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    I have the ALHH (Solid Roswood neck) not the Sterling AL40
    I was surprised that EBMM refered me to Sterling when i asked about the pups as i'd made it clear i'd bought this as i liked my MM90 BFR so much.
    Sterling refered me back to EBMM. Not heard anything back yet.

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    Weird.... I've always has stellar customer service from both companies. Did you call or email MM CS the first time?
    Either way, I'd call them and try again...
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