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Thread: Ernie Ball Axis Ex?

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    Ernie Ball Axis Ex?

    I have an ernie ball music man. It has no neckplate and no headstock markings other than Ernie ball music man. I e never seen one with no neckplate and it has a 4 hole neck. Anyone have any info on something like this? Having a hard time uploading pictures. Sorry
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    Do you have any other pictures, that head stock looks a little bit off?

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    Its not letting me upload the others. Not sure why. It has a 4 hole beck blue quilt top. Ill try to keep trying to upload the photos

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    Sorry to tell you that is NOT an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar. Its a knock-off.

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    Definitely fake by just seeing the headstock alone.
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    I wondered. Cant find a serial. Has no neck plate. Plays amazingly though. Great craftsmanship on it.wish i could upload more pictures

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    No Music Man Axis has four neck screws, must be 5. So it’s definitely not a real thing. Might be a relabeled OLP (the shape of the headstock suggests so) but they had a neck plate and a contoured heel.

    The axis EX was a real Music Man instrument, made for the Japanese market if I recall correctly and possibly in Japan but I don’t recall the details.
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