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Thread: Valentine Pickup Help

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    Valentine Pickup Help

    Anyone know what the pickups in the Valentine are rated at?, cant get a reading off a lead due to the active cct. Also thinking of swapping the Bridge for a P90, would this cause issues?
    Anyone swapped out pickups, seems an awful lot of cct in there.

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    I had the same issue as you, I pulled my EBMM Val off the wall and tried to get a reading off the lead but the active electronics threw it off. If I have some time later I'll rip the backplate off and put the leads on the pup wires. As a point of index the neck humbucker "sounds/feels" like my ~6k McCarty pups. The bridge pickup is probably the most high-end/bitey of all my single-coils. I don't see why a P90 wouldn't work but I'd imagine the boost might be overkill with it. Is there a certain outcome you're shooting for?

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    Turns out the bridge is an overwound single coil rated at over 10, I put a Bareknuckle Blue Note HSP90, rated nearer the neck pickup at 7.6.

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