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Thread: Axis SS knob height

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    Axis SS knob height

    Hi Guys,

    Just picked up a new Axis SS and I am loving it.

    Minor issue. The volume knob sits right on the body which causes a little friction. The knob is also a little warped so it rubs the body unevenly. This knob is lightly snug on the shaft and sinks freely back down with only light pressure if I lift it off of the body. The Tone knob has a tiny bit of space between itself and the body (and is very snug on the shaft) which is ideal. Is there a way do increase the shaft height? I would rather do that than stuff something inside the knob (if possible).

    Thanks for your help

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    If split shaft, use a flathead screwdriver and very very gently pry open the slot in the shaft, just a small amount. (Be gentle, you don't want to break the pot shaft). That should give you enough extra friction to keep the knob where you want it.

    You could also try a small amount of nail varnish on the shaft.

    Failing that I would try a small piece of something to sit on top of the shaft before you put the knob on to act as a spacer on top of the shaft. Try a piece of paper, cut cut and folded to fit on the top of the shaft.
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