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Thread: NGD: Dustin Kensrue StringRay

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    NGD: Dustin Kensrue StringRay

    I am honestly still in a bit of shock that I now own this guitar. I remember seeing the MM/Dustin video a few years ago and being blown away by it. I am a huge Thrice fan, but I've haven't/wouldn't buy a signature just because of an artist I like... I would have to the love the guitar first and foremost.

    I've never actually played an EBMM guitar before. Unless I've been blind, they just haven't really been on my radar. It wasn't until I started looking at this guitar that I've gone down the rabbit hole!

    Being in the upteenth lockdown in Australia, I decided it was time to make this happen and bring some 'joy' to my world. I sold a Fender Jaguar I had since 2011 that was precious to me but rarely played and found a way to pay for it.
    Now it's in my hands, I am honestly lost for words. The neck, the finish, the frets, the tuners, the pickups and my lord, the tone! I'm in no hurry to pick up any of my other guitars for a while that's for sure.

    I'm starting to now experiment with the stereo output into my modeler and it's opening up some very cool sounds! Lot's to explore.

    NGD: Dustin Kensrue StringRay-dk-sr1-jpg
    NGD: Dustin Kensrue StringRay-dk2-sr-jpg

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    Nice man congrats!!!! I love the volume/tone controls on the DK, so unique!!

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    Such a classy looking instrument. Great variant of the Stingray
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    I'm having massible problems deciding if I should get this one or go for the standard Stingray RS. I do love the roasted necks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexradsby View Post
    I'm having massible problems deciding if I should get this one or go for the standard Stingray RS. I do love the roasted necks.
    The roasted necks do look amazing don't they! I'm really loving the stacked volume/tone control & pickup layout on this one.

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    Me again! So after living with the guitar for a little while now I really wanted to bring the string height down slightly.
    I've got it a great place playing wise which is about 1.75 for low E-D, then 1.50 for G-E. The problem is that my G string is getting buzz the whole way up the neck. The strange thing is that some days it plays quite clean, then other days it's full buzz.
    Neck relief is set to about 0.006 which is where I have my other guitars.

    Any suggestions?

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    If it alternates in consistency, then that suggests to me the neck relief is in flux. Hows the climate? Is it in a consistent temperature and humidity or potentially a drafty place/outside wall/etc.?

    I'd recommend setting the neck relief appropriately (tons of YT vids/guides - I recommend the straight-edge string method). After that gradually raise the saddles till the buzz is tolerable. Personally I don't mind a little buzzing unplugged, but never enough that it ever comes through the amp.
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