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Thread: Axis Super Sport - Possible to change from Hardtail to Tremolo?

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    Axis Super Sport - Possible to change from Hardtail to Tremolo?

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to swap out a hardtail on a Axis Super Sport to make it a Tremolo version?


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    It's been asked many times. Most will respond, that if you want a trem that much you might as well sell what you have or keep it and buy one with a trem. EBMM won't sell you one. They've said it can be done, but in the end is it worth it, only you can. Search the forum this was asked within the last 6 months or so.

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    Yes. It is possible if done by the right, knowledgeable hands. It isn't rocket science, but requires the right tools and measurements to not make it a hack job.

    Know that you're (probably) going to depreciate the value of your hardtail in the process. If done really well, most folks won't be able to tell the work has been done. But...

    That said, I tend to agree with the above post re: sell your guitar and buy the Axis that you desire. Between the cost of the mod and the likely depreciation, you'll save time and maybe even money in the process.

    If you've located the skilled hands, aren't concerned with value and just want an interesting project/experiment - go for it.

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    You'd be better trading and buying a different guitar. You can get top mounting tremolos, but that till means some work. What type of tremolo did you want Music Man vintage tremolo or licensed floyd ?

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    I was looking at the vintage tremolo version.

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    Like others have stated, it is possible with the proper templates, tools, skills etc. I guess you'd be looking at $80/hr ballpark to have a professional guitar repair shop do it.

    Definitely less hassle to sell the hardtail and buy one with a tremolo.
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