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Thread: Sterling Valentine truss rod wheel stuck, won't move in any direction

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    Quote Originally Posted by St_G View Post
    Apologies if this is a stupid question, but now that the shop has looked at it and determined it's return-worthy, would it be safe to... pull real hard?

    Like, with the sort of force that previously might have voided your warranty?
    No, the shop decided too, that it was just stuck, and didn't want to take it further. They immediately decided that you have to remove the neck and loosen the wheel by other means, and should they ruin it, like the spoke wheel would crack, it's better left to be done at the authorized service at the wholesaler.

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    UPDATE: Now, this weekend it came back, with a brand new neck, and we tested thoroughly at the shop that the wheel did turn easy both ways. "before christmas" was promised, at least. So I can't really complain about the turnaround time. They fixed it in "due diligence" or whatever that stupid expression is called...

    It plays and feels and are setup the same. No diff there. The neck is even darker than their regular roasted necks, and definitely the old one, which irks me a bit. Now the black dots are not even visible in broad daylight. I have another totally rosewood neck, one piece, that is way lighter than this one and even there the dots and markers are white.

    But anyway, good service, and now the case is closed.... or gig bag....;-)

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    Quick hint to EBMM: white markers, please, on the rest of the roasted necks form now it is now you can just as well do the neck without them and save some production costs.

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    What happened now, with the new neck is that I can't intonate it properly, all strings stays well on the flat side of the 0 cent, at leasr 3-4 cents and the thick strings even more between 5-8 cents too flat. If I try to shorten the saddles more, I run out of screw threads and the screw turns loose. And its accompanying springs too...rattles and falls off...

    Out of the ashes into the fire...

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    Might need to shim the new neck to get a better angle and string height and possibly get your intonation back on track.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusionman View Post
    Might need to shim the new neck to get a better angle and string height and possibly get your intonation back on track.
    Yes, probably. But as it didn't need to be done before, I wonder. And the guitar is still within warranty period. All things adds up in the end, and I am then thinking a) truss rod wheel stuck b) pickguard getting worn after 3 days c) new neck needs shim... well I think this one will be up for grabs. d) new neck is considerably darker in its roast than the old one, me not like. It's better to sell it while it still has warranty...better luck next time, Sterling Ball.

    Good on paper, on looks and feels good, plays good, sounds just ok, nothing to write home about, but then again I have been starting to get more wary of all active kinds of things, i e basses/guitars with batteries in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mats Eriksson View Post
    YIt's better to sell it while it still has warranty...better luck next time, Sterling Ball.
    Fair enough.

    For the record- you do know that Sterling by Music Man is a separate company, not part of Music Man?

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    Yes, you have them at the top, menu, three different ones: Ernie Ball, then Music Man, and then Sterling. I have owne the Steve Morse (light one) model a few years back, bought new also, a "real" Music Man. I liked that one, so that was a good one. Thought I should check out the cheaper ones now, since JV60 came out. I do like the form factor but too many other gnarls, irks and quirks that slowly has dawned on me. By and large, it's just a division of the Ernie Ball company. Subsidiary, not completely disconnected.

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    And the new sparkle finish of the new JV60s Music Man, the 3 grands, makes them look to cost cheaper than the Sterling ones. This seems to be the only ones available. ... ffs, what have they been smokin?

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