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Thread: [NGD] EBMM JPXI-7 Black Onyx!

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    [NGD] EBMM JPXI-7 Black Onyx!

    After much deliberation, I finally decided on my first 7-string and second EBMM guitar: the JPXI-7! I have heard wonderful things about this guitar and chiefly its 20' neck radius and I cannot wait to try it out when I get home from work. The serial code suggests this was produced in 2015, but it is quite clearly in brand new, unused condition. So happy with it.

    To top it off, I'm pretty sure the retailer made a mistake with the pricing. On the website, it said 3045, or 3552.50 (or thereabouts) with VAT. So I paid 3045 at checkout, setting aside and fully expecting to pay a further 507 to the customs office upon arrival of the item (it was from Germany). Well, according to the documents, 3045 is the sum of the item price and the VAT. So I got this guitar for a good 500 less than I was expecting and happy to pay!

    To those at Ernie Ball: you are amazing. The sparkly onyx finish is second to none. I cannot wait to delve into it after work, and hopefully learn some more of 'Acid Rain' by Liquid Tension Experiment!

    About the other 7-string EBMM guitars I was deciding between: I decided not to go with the JP7 BFR trans ruby flame, ultimately because I really wanted my first ebony board. But it was very close. The other guitar I ruled out was the JP15 BFR Eminence Purple after discovering that the ebony on the JPXI is much more dark and consistent, which was of great significance to me. Moreover, I already own a JP15. I *might* have to go back and pick this up too, just because the roasted neck and rare purple finish are just so damn good!
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    Yeah, that onyx finish is far from bland. It has a lot more depth than what pictures can show. Get that out in the sun or under some bright stage lights and it lights up. Congrats on the purchase. Let us know how amazing that 20" radius is!

    (Acid Rain was the second song I played on mine, right after Dance of Eternity )
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    Hell yeah, dude! Thank you for all the help- I am so confident that I made the right choice here. Been playing it all morning. Let me tell you.. Even after I bought the JP15, I couldn't put down the Sterling Majesty, just because how good it felt to play. The JPXI has replaced it on the pedestal! The neck is amazing. It was, naturally, the only thing I was worried about because of how important it is. I was also worried about the neck finish but I have found it to feel really natural. I'm even tempted to jump on a JP12 Cherry Sugar I saw on eBay, which is essentially a 6 string version with a basswood body, same neck profile etc. I simply like this design so much!

    I'm not worthy of TDOE, but I've been learning what I can of Acid Rain on a 6 string guitar for a while. The unisons and all that. Unfortunately, the riffs seem to be even harder!

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    Congratulations! A very nice guitar!
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    Glad to hear you enjoy the guitar! My JPXI has spoiled me for other guitars in a way I did not think possible. The flat fretboard is great, and it is the closest I have ever gotten to a 'conventional' guitar feeling like my old Parker Fly Deluxe (which I sold to fund the JPXI).

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