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Thread: Petrucci and Poppa

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewbixcubed
    Hey there everyone! I wanted to chime in on a bit of a personal note.

    I've got to tell you all, that working with people like BP, JP, Dudley, Jon (x2: Gitarz and Watkins), and everyone else in the EB family is an incredible experience. Yesterday was a great day for everyone involved, and I am glad that we are able to share it with all of you via the EB/MM Forum.
    my guess is yesterday was just a taste of how awesome the open gouse is gonna be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i finially played enough gigs for the plane ticket ..and my y2d......
    tommy in delaware
    (renegade redneck hillbilly geetar player )
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    Again... too cool. Thanks JP, BP and everyone for doing that. I'll say again too, if you ever have need of a Canadian computer geek for various computer geek related tasks... I'm your man. I'd love to be part of a company as down to earth and friendly as EB is. You guys make other companies look bad, in a good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa
    "Awesome. How'd you do that?"
    Dang it! JP asks me a question and I'm not there to answer it?!?? Arghhh!!

    Well, actually, I can't take credit for it. I shipped it to a guy named Herc Fede out on the east coast. He was one of the guys who did some of the original swirl work for another guitar manufacturer. For a while, he was doing it for the public too. He stopped a little while ago. I never found out for sure why. Heard rumors he got really sick. Then I think someone hijacked his domain name, so his website is no longer there. Pity - had some great looking stuff.

    Anyways, I sent it to him and he did all the work. Used special glow paints and everything. The clear coat finish is amazing too. Quite a pice of art, actually. Even installed glowing side fret markers for easier play in the dark! Hope he's doing okay these days. Well, enough rambling.

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    I'd just like to add my thanks to BP, John, and Casey for this thread. Great job guys - there's a ton of good info here. I'm looking forward to the open house!

    PS: Casey, you did know I was kidding when I picked on your typing early on, right? You did a great job, and thanks again for taking the time to do this!!!

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    You know, aside from the infinite thanks from all of us, this place (if you can call it that) really is the coolest.
    I mean it's one thing for the BP to actually participate in the forum. It's another that Jon, and the others who work for EBMM do also (maybe Dudley in the future?). It's another that it's fun!!
    But when I sit back after letting all this sink in, and think that we all on some level had a cyber conversation with JP, that is the coolest!!!
    I really wish I could say I'd be going to the open house, but it doesn't look like it's happening for me this year.

    Thanks again to BP, JP, Casey and everyone who makes this the best guitar forum ever!!!

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    Must've been a ball at the Ball household last night, with the dictating, cooking, uke lesson.

    Thanks to all from me as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbaim
    <bla bla bla /> uke lesson.
    you guys catch this uke thread/video? its awesome: http://www.ernieball.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8879

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    Smile Hi John...Baltimore show?????

    I met you two years ago after the show at the Peir 6 Pavilion in Baltimore (the two police officers). Tell Mike sorry about the country and western band joke. Thanks again for the chat. Are you guys coming to Baltimore????

    Here is my demo if interested:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Buccheri
    I met you two years ago after the show at the Peir 6 Pavilion in Baltimore (the two police officers). Tell Mike sorry about the country and western band joke. Thanks again for the chat. Are you guys coming to Baltimore????

    Here is my demo if interested:

    Dude, Jon's done answering questions here, and I'm pretty sure that he's not reading this forum.

    Sorry, Glenn |B)
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    I cannot get over how unlucky I am. Ok having to miss various concerts, Download 2004, Download 2005 etc. etc and I've finally gotten over the fact I cannot go to An Evening With for the Octavariumin the UK in October but to miss this forum opportunity has bought me almost to tears (well no really, I am a man...) . Although my holiday to New Zealand was good fun.

    But anyway a few thanks for JP,
    1. for introducing me to Musicman guitars and associated products
    2. for making the rest of my CD collection redundant (apart from my Dregs, D Purple, Metallica albums etc. I won't get too picky). It's weird having paid over 100 quid for DT, JP etc albums, doesn't everyone agree.
    3. for being professional as a musician, staying focused and sober etc on stage, which is good and respectful and sounding bloody awesome
    4. for making me more interessted in song writing both musically and lyrically. I find myself pushing harder to write more interessting pieces
    5. the list goes on, I shalnt bore people

    I don't want to sound like I'm sucking up too badly, although technically I am (damn this typing business), but you have been an enormous inspiration so thanks. If you ever want to come and do a small guiar clinic or large DT perfomance anything on the small island I live on, I will happily set one up for you (I say with optimism). I'm sure all 65,000 of the population will thrive to come and watch.
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    What an awesome thread!

    Hats off to EB crew!
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    If posible I would like to ask 2 questions conserning the new EBMM proto:

    1.- Why no more scoop (one of my favourite features of my EBMM JP), and on the same topic, is the new scoop better?

    2.- I thought people mentioned the pick up "retainers" affected the tone on a negative way, I guess that was just a rumour?

    Those are my main questions, and props for petrucci for doing awesome music, actually one of the reasons why im now studying music 100%...

    Well I hope those can be awnsered, sorry didnt read all the pages before my post hope its not a repost.

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    Nooooo.... I just found this thread died . Oh well...

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    can you tell me about vintage MM Stingray model by serial number.

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    Maybe you could try creating a new thread for your question and I'm sure soemone will be able to help. This thread is a sticky and has been inactive for months now and was dedicated to an online interview that John Petrucci did with Big poppa for all of us.
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