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Thread: Petrucci and Poppa

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    I have a quick one regarding the neck-thru prototypes... (very cool looking guitars, btw)... Are you keeping the same neck shape on these 24.75" scale guitars as is found on the current Petrucci production model?

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    YAY!! How appropriate -- my EBMM JP guitar should be arriving today!

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    Will Jordan be joining you at the Open House for some possible duets ala An Evening with?

    Just wonderful stuff. Great advert. for the piezo equipped guitars!

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    Hi! John,

    How do you run your piezo system (direct to PA, stereo input, etc.)? It sounds great on the "Budokan" CD/DVD set.

    Thanks for "Rock Discipline," "Wild Stringdom," and the JP7. My JP7 Buttercream LE is the best guitar I've ever played/owned.

    See you at the Detroit clinic!

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    What a great opportunity! Mr. Petrucci:
    1.) Are you going to be using the baritone guitar more live, is it still a doubleneck?
    2.) As asked before too, any chance of an 'Evening With' Dream Theater leg for the US tour?
    3.) Octavarium was such a pleasant surprise coming from Dream Theater, I'm a picky SOB and I absolutely love it, start to finish, just like the solo album. Thanks for still putting out incredible stuff!
    ~Adam Bilz
    Music that's fun again!

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    Another question or 2 if you don't mind.

    When you are composing something by yourself, do you have an idea of what the other instruments will sound like? Or do you just leave it up to them?

    Also, at what point do you bring new ideas to the group? After you've worked them out a bit or when the ideas materialize?

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    JP: After so many songs you have written or collaborated on, is it harder now to come up with new material?

    JP: Why do you think your music isn't played on the radio as much as we feel it should be? Do you or the band try to get more radio play?
    Looking For The One

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    When I open GP magazine every month I am always delighted to see the Ernie Ball ad right inside the front cover. I wish there were ads for the guitar inside the magazine so I could say, “I’ve got one of those” or more importantly, “I need one of those”. When I see the ad for the EB radio I think how cool, but why do I want to tune in. The answer made itself obvious today. Its events such as these. Getting the people like Mr. Petrucci in front of the people (ie guitar playing freaks) that want to see him. I know BP is a busy man and all but there is enough personality there that people would love to hear him push his products. (Like the hair club for men, he’s not just a member he’s also the president.)
    This is a way super cool event that will have positive aspects for all parties involved. This event and others like it would certainly be worthy of scheduling and posting in national magazine ads. That’ll get the kids to tune in. In the event that this is the only one of these kind of things or if there are more in the future, I am glad I am a part of it and thank you Sterling and all involved for making this happen.
    Ground Breaking
    Enough of the butt kissing and on to the questions.
    1. Can you talk about the process involved in order to get a one off type of guitar ie your double neck.
    2. a. Will there be any clinics or events in Tucson Friday?
    b. If the answer is no (which is acceptable) Would you like to drop by the house and jam for a while? (Again, No is an acceptable answer)
    3. While your in town, is there somewhere I could get you to sign the tremolo cover for my Rare Sparkly Burnt Apple Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci with matching headstock shield inlays and piezo equipped Model? Or should I wait for the open house?
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    non guitar related question;

    what's your favorite movie

    guitar related;

    how high does john keep his action?
    "...Mr Nut, the kind hearted manager here, convinced me that to make a living by publicly displaying my deformity lacked dignity.... So now I carry other people's luggage."
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    Geez...I get back just in time! This is THE forum which no one can surpass!

    John and Big Poppa.....I have no questions, just a reply....

    Thank you both for your dedication to music, guitar playing and guitar/bass/string manufacturing! JP you inspire me to play daily (I have your Rock Discipline DVD and it is KILLER!) and Big Poppa, because of your products and how great they are, makes me practice during the little bit of free time that I have!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU and again.....THANK YOU!

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    (1) Watching you play makes me tired because I cannot believe how much/fast you are playing. Your songs are longer than the average son. Obviously you would be quite tired after a show. How often do you need to just walk away and not look at a guitar for a while?

    (2) Aside from yourself, who is your favourite guitarist and why?


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    John -

    Would you like to get your hands on my glow-in-the-dark JP model? Yes, it really does glow in the dark!

    Dr. Z Stingray
    Orange RV50
    Dr. Z EMS

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    Norm wanted me to ask you, Who smells the best...Sterling, Jon smith, or Dudley?

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    Have you given any thought to adding any additional features to your signature series such as a plasma screen or retractable fishing rod?


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    Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything I can ask that would help me play any better. John's ability is just so far above mine that any advice would be pointless. I'm not worthy!

    In all seriousness, thanks for the great music, inspiration, and for being an all around nice guy (from all I've seen and read). Are you looking forward to meeting all of us at the open house? I promise not to drool on your amazing hands....

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