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Thread: Petrucci and Poppa

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    Petrucci and Poppa

    Tonight at 8:00 Pacific time, BP and JP (Sterling and John Petrucci) will be here online, answering questions for you all. Go ahead and start posting questions, and they will get to as many as they can. Some won't get answered, but they will do their best to get to as many as they can.

    Is this forum awesome, or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jongitarz

    Is this forum awesome, or what?
    It's awesome
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    Ok can you provide details on the creation of the Petrucci trem, the inspiration for the design and how the team came up with the final product. I must say there's nothing like it (well the guitar also) anywhere! Thanks!
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    Why the change in scale for the new guitar?

    Was there any particular reason for the neck through design this time around?

    Play Ball!!

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    Ok... Here's a question for BP:

    How are the limited edition colors selected? Who comes up with the color ideas? what are the selection criteria? Who came up with the idea of the Mystic Dream finish on the Pet? Any other info on color selection is welcomed...


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    1) What was the inspiration to begin prototyping the new guitar?

    2) Do you own any other Ernie Ball models?

    3) Will Dream Theater do an Octavarium (aside from Gigantour) tour this year in the US?

    4) Will you be doing another clinic at the Raleigh Music Academy any time soon?

    5) Have you seen CudBucket's project guitar based on the EBMMJP and if so, how bad do you want one?

    and if you have time...

    6) How much money do you have in your pocket right now?

    7) Which member of Dream Theater is the biggest pain in the ass?
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    You guys are unbelievable ... can I write a letter to someone ... you really gotta get the message out there about the way you guys approach customer relationships. Constantly you guys blow my mind.

    If I were to ask Mr. Petrucci a couple of questions, it'd be these:

    After listening to the Dream Theater live albums I really wondered how you remember all the various parts, tempo changes, starts and stops. Do have sheet music on stage, or is it memory? If it's just memory, do you have any tips for how you memorize that much.


    Some of the videos showing the prototyping of your signature model, you're playing an Axis while warming up. What did you think of the Axis guitar. Likes, dislikes?
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    A question for John.

    Hey John, are you interested in playing acoustic music aswell, perhaps when your alone? If so, how far have you taken this style, in terms of techniques. Also, if you have an acoustic, what are you playing, music and brand of guitar.

    Cool dude, thanks.

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    Hey JP & BP

    I have 3 questions;

    1. What was the inspiration for the new prototype neck thru JP model that BP graciously gave us a sneak preview of a few weeks back? Was the decision to try this due to something you found missing from your current model or is for something you or DT have in mind for the future (Skynyrd tribute band with Rudess on lap sleel maybe?)?

    2. Can you give us the skinny on what is different with the new pickup you're currently touring with? Will it be something that may end up on the current JP model?

    3. Where did BP take you for lunch and what can you recommend from the menu (suggestions for those arriving a day early to the Open House)


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    "Dear John, which time will 8.00 pacific time will be in GMT +1.00 time zone?"
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    Hey JP, BP,

    John, I noticed when watching your live DVD's, Mr. Portnoy really takes off tempo-wise on alot on tunes. When one of those songs has a difficult-fast solo, how do you compenstae? Do you practice those solos at higher tempos than normal or do you just try and play catch-up when you play live?



    You guys rock over at EBMM!

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    This place rocks!!!

    1.) How did the courtship go for EBMM to secure you as a signature artist.

    2.) Do you still enjoy playing??

    Thanx, Glenn |B)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie1966
    Hey JP, BP,

    John, I noticed when watching your live DVD's, Mr. Portnoy really takes off tempo-wise on alot on tunes. When one of those songs has a difficult-fast solo, how do you compenstae? Do you practice those solos at higher tempos than normal or do you just try and play catch-up when you play live?



    You guys rock over at EBMM!
    I'm interested in a similar question - during the Budokan DVd, it was like watching the olympics - you guys really had to concentrate to play a lot of the material - my question, as well as about the tempo, is does it become frustrating not being able to put so much into the performance to the audience due the the complexity of DTs music and making sure it is performed accurately?
    If I had one more question, it would probably be "where do babies come from?" You are called Big Poppa after all...
    p.s. looking forward to Hard rock live Orlando 6th August

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    How about this?

    In light of Big Poppa's comments on six string basses...

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa
    Here is the resaon why no six string basses. RETAIL. There are only so many hooks on the wall. The only way we would make a six string is if an important endorsee required one. Much like the silhouette bass was made for Keith Richards. Thats it I have nothing against the 6 string bass, but the market is very, very limited
    ...how about having a word with that Myung feller?


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    I'd like to thank John for requesting the huge scoop in the body of his signature guitar. It makes playing so much more comfortable!

    While I'm at it, thanks for "Rock Discipline" and "An Evening with.."

    Now for the question:

    When auditioning various pickups for your signature guitar (the existing model), what were you striving for in the bridge pickup? ... the neck pickup?

    (i.e. tonal qualities, "hotness" of the pickup output, good clean tones, etc.)
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