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Thread: Compare the Albert to the Silhouette Special

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    Compare the Albert to the Silhouette Special

    Hey all,

    Was wondering..... for trying to nail those classic bell-like strat-type sounds....what would you recommend, the Albert Lee or the Silhouette Special?

    I've read that the Albert is what a strat wishes it was (or sounded like), so it got me wondering about how the neck and middle pickups would sound if you compared the 2 guitars to each other....are they similar sounding or is there a difference, and how would you describe the difference?

    I know that the Albert has a tele-like bridge pickup, and the Special has a bridge humbucker (or single coil in some instances) , so I'm thinking more of a comparison of the neck and middle pickups of the 2 guitars.....let me know your thoughts. I've never had a chance to give an Albert a spin, although I have played a Silhouette Special. Thanks

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    That is a tough one there because it has been a long, long time since i have played a Silo Special, but, i have played an AL very recently and it was AWSOME !!!! The AL will more then likely be my next EBMM. I would probably recommend playing both if you can find them and just get which ever one felt the best too you. "Different strokes for different folks" as they say. But i would have too say too, that either one of those guitars would be awsome !!!
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