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Thread: Canadian Musicman Days in November

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    Canadian Musicman Days in November

    Hi Everyone,

    This one goes out to all the Canadian Musicman fans who live in Ontario specifically in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Three dealers will be hosting a "Musicman Day" this month.

    I will be on hand at each of these events starting on November 13th (Saturday) at MUSIC PRO in Barrie(Home), November 20th (Saturday) at Guitars "N" Amps in Milton (Guitars and Amplifiers | GuitarsNamps.com) and November 27th at Gear Music in Oakville (www.gearmusic.net).

    If you have been thinking of getting another Musicman Guitar or Bass as an Xmas present to yourself, going to one of these stores on the above dates would be the time to do it as there will be specials and extra "bonusus" for buying that day! Or just come out and support these great independent MM dealers!

    Times and directions are available at each stores website or message me for more info.

    Thx Glensterr

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    sorry guys i put the wrong emails in above they are

    Music Pro = Music Pro, Barrie, Ontario
    Guitars N Amps = Guitars 'n Amps - What's New
    Gear Music = www.gearmusic.net

    Thx G.

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    Very nice ... will have to make it to one of those stores.

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    moderator now? wow, I'm outta the loop. howya been beej?
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