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Thread: Ernie ball EAGLES CLUB 2015

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    Question Ernie ball EAGLES CLUB 2015

    So what happened? Springs over . I have many left over points ,as I'm sure others do.
    What's the Happs with ERNIE BALL EAGLE CLUB rewards program was good for advertising and promised to be back by Spring '15 so.....

    Double you tea eeeaf

    Up the Irons!

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    I am in the same position. I have many left over points.

    Quote from Ernie Ball Loyalty Rewards Website:

    "If you have unused Loyalty Points, these will carry over to our next launch, so have no fear! Your efforts will not be lost."

    I am pretty upset over this. A lot of us waited and waited and the site never came back. A lot of us did a lot of work promoting, tweeting, posting on Facebook etc.

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