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Thread: Winter Namm Show 2020

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    Question Winter Namm Show 2020

    What will be new at the winter Namm Show at the Ernie Ball booth? I would love to see some new hard tail Axis guitars with a roasted flame neck or bring back the original hard tail Axis guitars for a limited run. What artists will be at the Ernie Ball booth? I can not wait to be at the Namm Show next month. Hey guys, how about handing out some swag to your loyal customers. The past few years there hasn't been any kind of games or themes at your booth.

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    Hopefully a return to pink burst for the Albert Lee model. Wouldn’t mind a roasted neck too

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    Yes, can you please let us forum members know all of the new products and updates that you will be releasing this weekend at NAMM! Thank you very much!!!

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    I am not holding my breath on the original hardtail Axis being reissued with a cool roasted maple neck, anytime soon. I will see what the booth will have to offer on Thursday.

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