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Thread: Cleaning Bass Strings

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    Hi. I used to boil my 5 string bass sets as they are fairly costly here to buy, so I like to stretch out the max usage if possible. Once they get too bad and lose intonation after 1 conditioning I toss them. I gave up boiling at least 10 years ago due to rusting and have used the string cleaner tube since to great effect. They come up like new after a day or so soaking in Metho Spirits (denatured alcohol) and I usually give them a good dry using my wife's hair dryer before restringing. No rusting issues and intonation is fine. I paid $100 for my last 5 string set so the Tube Cleaning method is a viable way for me at least of extending my strings a bit longer.

    Just out of interest if you havent seen it, do a google search for this Youtube video on this guy who cleans his bass strings without removing them from the guitar and without using any cleaning liquids. Its a novel approach and seems to work...unless its an April Fools joke..but have a look anyway. The Youtube clip is 5.29 mins long and titled "How to get NEW bass strings in 2 minutes! Super bass tip" do a search on that title.

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    hello im new. and never thot about taking off to clean. i clean with a chamois cloth after each play. BUT never posted here and have a question. never used a string winder. always did pull n put on my own. any tips as to coiling n using the winder thingy. thanx muchly.(sorry looked at MM website found no tips)

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