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Thread: String poll....What do you use, what are the BEST and why...

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    Smile String poll....What do you use, what are the BEST and why...

    I currently use super slynks. why? hmmmm they were recommended by the store. I remember loving Sfarzo strings but they are no longer available up here eh!

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    My faves when I can get them are D'Addario Slow Wounds but have been using Warrior custom strings (D'Addario made) for a couple years now but I am currently switching over to Slinky5's. I do prefer Nickel over Stainless though, Nickel feel better to me and give me more of the tone that I go for. I've never really strayed from D'Addario so this leap to EB Slinks is a little spice for my mundane string life! But strings are like barbers, you find one you like and stick with them until they die or you do

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    I have always liked Power Slinkys...I like playing bigger gauges & wish Ernie Ball would come out with a 12-56 set with a plain unwound G, but until that happens Power Slinkys get me by.

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    Thomisk-Infeild for bass, best I've tried out of five brands, I like the 'feel'. Hated Rotosounds, weren't bright or punchy.
    I like the Eb heavy/skinny set for elc. guitar, but don't feel they last well. I recently found a five year supply of old Lawrence strings and like those, as did SRV.
    DRs' for acoustic.

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    Super Slinky's! They live proud, die hard and keep fret and finger ware to a minimum

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    i use Elites stadium series strings on be SR. gauge 45 - 105 i think...
    dario slow wounds rocked my socks, but at like 32 retail a pack i cant really afford them.
    i hate rotosound bass strings. my brother uses them all the time. fool

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    Question who makes 'em??

    Who actually make their own strings? I've been told that very few really do. Does Fender manufacture theirs?.....Does Ernie Ball?.....GHS??? Just curious because if you buy a set that are packaged pretty but are bought from another supplier, are you getting the best quality and consistent strings? To me Fender strings have more tension (tighter) than others which can make the guitar play a bit stiff. Any one else share this observation?

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    Bill Lawrence had told me once that most strings are made by Martin. I do believe GHS makes their own or at least has them made specific, like their crusher wound series. I've likely never used Fender strings so I couldn't say.

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    that sorta reminds me of the whole "tube rebranding" thing. i think theirs litterally only like 5 companies that produce the tubes. so all you groove tubes fans are really only buying a Sovtek or Chinese at double or triple the price! groove tubes does not make tubes! same goes for ruby tubes etc.... i use JJ's and SED Svetlana's since they are the ownly companies that actually manufacture high end audio i'm way off subject now. i use D' addario 11-49's and 10-52 sets.

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    I've been using D'Addario for 20+ years. I like the XL 125's (.009-.046).

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    Right now I'm usin' E B normal slinky, But I usually use Fender lights.

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    D'Addario XL 110's (.010-.046), tried EB's (same guage) but they were too "slinky" for me.

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