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    3 1.92%
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    54 34.62%
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    88 56.41%
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    19 12.18%
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Thread: what Gauge Strings Do you Use?

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    what Gauge Strings Do you Use?

    ok i thought i would start a poll on what gauge strings you use, dont matter on what brand just the Gauge........

    9s for me...
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    wooooo hoooo!!! First to vote for 10s lol. I like the sound of them better and for me I have more control playing. Anything lower than 10s seems to be way too loose, plus with 10s your fingers get stronger and you can play faster more effortlessly .

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    On my Ibanez and my Strat I used 9's, but since I got a Les Paul, I haven't played the others since, and I've converted to 10's. The shorter scale length makes the 10's almost feel like 9's.

    Always used EB's.

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    got to have 10s

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    I always have used 10's, but just refinished an old Guild Jet Star and put a bigsby on it. I decided to try Power Slinky's which are 11's. I like them so far and think I might try them on some of my other guitars.

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    I used 9s for ages, then switched to 8s, which I found just to be too rubber bandy. Then went back to 9s, then up to 10s on my Jackson and 10-52 on my E$P (which I owned for 2 weeks).

    Since i've got a new EBMM JP i've gone back to 9s, and enjoying it.

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    CodeMonkey uses 7 String Power Slinkys with the B string as an E so I think that makes the CodeMonkey a 14s player.

    CodeMonkey leaves dents in keyboards.
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    you mean there are other gauges than 9s?. lol. i use 10s for drop tuning stuff, other than that 9s all the way baby.

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    I use 10's, because 9's are a bit too small and I don't want to snap too many strings.

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    I voted for the 10's because that's what I use when I play guitar. I mostly play bass at the moment, and those strings are guaged .047-.068-.080-.107

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    Hybrid Slinkys Rule!


    Used to use GHS 10's, but I changed to the Hybrid Slinky set & haven't looked back since.

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    As Thick As It Gets

    go with as sick as it gets.
    11 and thicker.
    harder pays...
    in the name of the lord, WHY NOT?!

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    I voted 9's but, I use 10's equally as well. Just depends on the guitar.

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    It's all about the bass!

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    When i owned a guitar for a brief period of time i used 10's. My guitarists generally use 10's as well.
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