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Thread: Strings Used on Music Man Instruments

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    Strings Used on Music Man Instruments

    This is what Music Man instruments are strung with at the factory:


    Silhouette & Silhouette Special:
    RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

    Axis: Super Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2223

    Axis SuperSport with DiMarzio humbuckers: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

    Axis SuperSport
    with MM-90 pickups: RPS-10 Slinky (10-46) catalog #2240

    Steve Morse:
    10-13-16(all RPS)-26-32-42, available in single strings only

    Albert Lee:
    10-13-16(all RPS)-26-36-46 available in single strings only

    RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

    John Petrucci: RPS Hybrid Slinkys (9-46) catalog #2241 (as of 1/11/11)
    (changed 11/5/07 to RPS-9's and changed back to RPS -10's from 3/11/08-1/10/11)

    The John Petrucci 7-string
    guitar now uses Hybrid RPS-9's with an added .56 nickelwound for the low B string. (changed 11/5/07 to RPS-9's and changed back to RPS -10's from 3/11/08-1/10/11)

    The John Petrucci BFR Baritone is tuned to B flat and is strung up thusly: 12-16-22p-34-46-62

    Benji Madden:
    12-16-(RPS) - 24w-32-42-52 available in single strings only

    SUB-1 guitar:
    RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

    A couple of notes:

    1. The BFR series use the same strings as their original namesake models.

    2. Though we use and recommend RPS strings, standard Ernie Ball Slinkys are a worthy substitute.

    3. The strings are the same whether the guitar is equipped with a tremolo or not.


    All Music Man 4-string
    basses are strung with #2834 Super Slinky Bass strings (45-65-80-100)

    All Music Man 5-string basses are strung with #2836 Regular Slinky Bass strings (45-65-80-100-130)

    The Bongo 6 is strung with our #2838 Slinky 6-string set (32-45-65-80-100-130)

    The Silhouette Bass is strung with either the Silhouette Bass Set #2837 (20w-30-42-54-74-90) or the Baritone Slinky Bass set #2839 (13-18-30-44-56-72)
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    Is this information still correct?
    Are any of the new basses being supplied with Cobalts (are is that still a secondary/replacement purchase only)?

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    Any update on the Valentine? Looks like its 11s?

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    Probably nope

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    The Valentine is strung with: 11p-14p-18p-28w-38w-48w (RPS 11 Slinky #2242)

    If you ever have a question about gauges used on EBMM guitars they are always listed with the guitar's specs on the MM website product page.
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    I use the Ernie Ball Slinkies for a reason. I also play a double bass and I need contrast when I switch to Bass guitar. That's why the round wounds and the Slinkies give me the right sound for right money on my 5 string Ernie Ball Stingray.
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    I have been a guitar player for more than 10 years and I am very keen to your strings 2201.

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