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Thread: NSD - Cobalts make Slinkys Even Slinkyier

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    NSD - Cobalts make Slinkys Even Slinkyier

    I received 5 packs received from MF and I'm just starting to string up some guitars. First impression on taking the strings out of the package - I could feel the difference. Buttery has been used to describe them, very much so. Supple is what I say. Noticeably so right out of the pack.

    Off to finish emptying string packs..
    Yay ME

    Trans Purple EVH
    Gremlin Green Axis HH
    Trans Green Axis Sport HSS
    Mystic Dream Petrucci 6
    Emerald Green BFR JP Baritone
    20th A- Silo
    Dargie Delight Luke
    Lava Pearl Bongo 4 HH

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    Very nice! I'm going to pick a set up on Wednesday when I'm in Denver.

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