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Thread: 10-46 or 9-42 gauge strings?!?

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    10-46 or 9-42 gauge strings?!?

    Hi to all the EBMM players on this great forum. I was wondering if anyone had noticed that their speed has slowed down with 10-46 gauge strings as opposed to the 9-42 that J.P. had used up until 2010 I believe on his axes before making the switch over to 10-46? I have a really fast alt. picking technique and I do not want to sacrifice my Speed/Technique for Tone , Sustain, etc. etc, this is why I ask if anyone has experienced a loss of speed going to the higher gauge (10-46) along with being a bit more difficult to play due to the more string tension. Iím thinking that right hand wrist picking pains could occur, also my fairly light touch technique would have to become heavier for my fretting hand due to the thicker gauge, I would also have to press the string harder to fret a note, so I would lose in fluidity!! Thanks for all your great help. Rock on!!!

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    My humble opinion - good picking technique is all about the motion of the picking hand and the strings have nothing to do with it. I'm an electric only player (9-42) but once had two weeks of gigs playing nothing but acoustic (12-54) - drastic change in string tension for me! Fretting hand hurt like hell for a few days. Picking hand didn't care.

    Of course going from 9s to 10s is far less of change. I once changed to 10s and loved them, stayed with them for a few years. Then I realised that just preferred 9s. I played better and as a result sounded better too. The biggest improvement in tone is playing better. If that means lighter strings, then go for it.
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    Hello Mr Drkev, thank you so much for clearing this issue for me, it was something that i was loosing my sleep over, haha. now i know i will stick with my Loyal 9-42 gauge after your input. so on my new EBMM i'll have the store's Luthier change the gauge from 10's to 9's and play it safe So i guess i wasn't that wrong after all that their could be fretting pain or pain of some sort? i love 9's so why change right? thanks again and Rock on!

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    Just my $0.02 but something else you'll notice with 10's is that they hold their form a little better under fast picking compared to 9's, which imo actually facilitates faster picking, as there's less movement, or response time from the string Going from 9's to 10's though you might notice an overall drop in speed in your playing due to your fretting hand not being able to keep up with your picking hand due to the increased tension
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    I dare you to try 8-38's. And if you can hear the difference in tone between the 9's and the 10's then your not playing loud enough.

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    If I didn't love my #2253 (9-42) more than anything I would prolly experiment around a bit. Too late now I took a vow.

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    Hi Adam D that's a great point i didn't think of it?!? losin' speed due to the fretting hand, thanks for your help man . Rock on!!!

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    Heavier stings require more muscle-tendon tension to fret and bend. Speed is achieved by less tension making fretting and bending quicker with less muscle-tendon fatigue. Lighter strings are harder to control. Heavier strings are easier to control. Lighter strings vs. heavy strings is subjective in sound quality.

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    I took the dare years ago and I'm glad I accepted the choice I made. 8-38 have opened a whole world of possibilities. I do like other gauges for different applications though.

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