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Thread: What do you think of the Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings?

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    What do you think of the Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings?

    I have tried both Regular and Super Slinky M-steels and I have to say I love them. On My JP13, it seems notes sound more articulate and more pronounced. I love 'em!

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    M-Steel strings

    Hi Game, I just tried them out and I gotta say after just a few sessions I think I'm in love. I did break one d string last night after a sweaty 2 hour jam which I thought was kinda odd. Odder still, it broke right at the nut which has never happened to me before (that I can remember). Since their seems to be plenty of life left in the survivors I'm wondering when or if EB is gonna sell singles of these.

    I think they are brighter, more articulate and louder and I will probably start putting these on the guitars I'm building for others.
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    Any idea when the 2816 will be available? Musician Friend is expecting 4-2-15. I'd like to get a set sooner than that!

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    yesterday i recived shipment and i fall in love with this strings
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    M-steels rock my world! Ordering a new pick guard for my just received Y2D and will change out the strings that came on the guitar with a set of .010 M-Steels when I change the guard. Can't wait!
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    I love em all I've been using on all of my guitars. I wish they would do 7 string sets though.

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