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Thread: Cobalt vs. M-Steel

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    Cobalt vs. M-Steel

    After using D'Addario XL strings for most of my career, I tried the Cobalt strings at the same time that I acquired my Majesty guitar and immediately switched all of my other guitars over. I have seen the M-Steel sets out and about but haven't talked with anyone who has actually used them. What are your thoughts? Prefer one over the other? What is the response like? etc. Thanks!
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    i have always used Ernie Ball strings and i have been playing guitar since i was 9 years old and going to be 40 this year... so i may be a bit biased, but i used Cobalts before and really like them a friend of mine is in a band and he tried a set of M-Steels and he loves them sound great for a long time, stays in tune good, and feel great, he did not think Ernie ball could make strings better but they have with the M-Steel , but one thing i always say to everyone when they ask about strings its all up to each person as we all play different , so try a pack and decide for your self..
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