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Thread: Strange... My RPS 10-46 had only 5 strings

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    Strange... My RPS 10-46 had only 5 strings

    I was restringing my guitar today and found out my new RPS 10-46 set came WITHOUT the G string...
    I'm in shock.
    I tried to send an email to ernie ball but seemed that didn't go through the web page as it didn't give a confirmation message.
    Can someone help me please? I would like to have replaced this set and the regular slinky set I was forced to open to use the g string


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    Go back to the guitar store.
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    Hit up the store you bought them from. Had this happen once and I received a new pack no questions asked from my dealer.

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    I did contact the store and they sent me two sets in replace.
    One for the one that came with less and one for the one I had to open, so it was pretty good to be honest.

    Thanks guys!

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