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Thread: What EB String compares to NYXL?

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    What EB String compares to NYXL?


    Anyone know if there is an Ernie Ball equivalent to the D'Addario NYXL strings?

    I have been using the NYXL strings since they came out and gotta say that they are fantastic - they stretch out faster than anything else I've used in 30 years of playing and they stay in tune longer than anything else too.

    No real reason for me to change other than just being such a fan of my EBMM guitars, it'd be cool if there was an EB equivalent I could use.

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    Kind of like discussing craft beers. "I like the taste of Brand A's Beer X but I like Brand B. Do they have anything that tastes the same as Beer X?" Well, no not really. I kinda think both brands may be happy about that and certainly we players should be.

    The Cobalts and M-Steels have their own unique feel and tones and that's not like the NYXLs anymore than they are like standard Slinkys. The NYXLs came out after Cobalts and (I think) the M-Steels so it's D'Addario's response to new string flavours on the market from EB, and they chose their own unique thing.

    As we have heard often hear on this forum from EB, having lots of choices in the market is a good thing. If you like NYXLs, great! D'Addario make great stings. But do try the Cobalts and M-Steels. Even if you go back to NYXLs, it's good to know what your options sound and feel like.
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