Since the first time I have discovered EB strings, Other strings seemed not to produce the same sounds. I have tried others, but when EBs are used, they not only sound good but also make a cheap guitar sound close to be as the great performer guitars. I know, because over the years, I have always bought the $300 or less guitars and man EB makes them sing. My present guitar is a Yamaha acoustic and the finger board drop is beautiful. When I recently replaced the original strings with EB, the guitar sounded with beautiful splendor. It has an orchestral tone and pinch of flamingo flavor to it. When one of my strings, after restringing broke again, EB came to the rescue and replaced them. Not only am I satisfied with EB's reputation for good sounding and quality strings but with their unparalleled support to their patrons that shows their zeal for guitarists and their creating the best product they possibly can. Thanks to the EB team and keep the guitars singing that familiar tones only EB, for me, has delivered. Thanks again ;-)>.