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Thread: A few Paradigm questions

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    A few Paradigm questions

    I referred to the official website and have a couple of questions.
    One of the guitars that I'm thinking about stringing up with Paradigms has a Floyd Rose bridge. Would clipping the ball end off affect the warranty? Also, would that negate a lot of the advertised strength as I wouldn't have the reinforced part?
    Second, I had a terrible experience using stainless steel strings as they visibly wore my frets within a week of use. Does this new process make the strings harder on regular frets?

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    I went right to the source and asked our head string engineer. Here's what he said:

    "No issues with fret wear. No issues with warranty. No loss in string strength from clipping the ball end."

    You're good to go.
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    I have 3 guitars with Floyds, and I use the EB Cobalts for those. The windings @ the ball ends of the Cobalts aren't very reinforced, so I have no problem cutting the ball ends off of those.

    On my other guitars, I use the M-Steels which have very good reinforcement at the ball ends of the plain strings.

    Not sure if I'm going to try the Paradigms, I'm pretty satisfied with the M-Steels.
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    I'm dying to try these out, when they're finally available in Canuckistan.

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    Thanks for the info! My son put a set on his guitar and they feel and sound like the strings that I'm used to, only with the added security of more reliability. I'm sold.
    Very much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    I'm dying to try these out, when they're finally available in Canuckistan.

    I can't find these in stock online but they're available at all of my local guitar shops. :-)

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