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Thread: PARADIGM.... They make you touch your balls for longer... FACT!

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    PARADIGM.... They make you touch your balls for longer... FACT!

    Greetings my fellow knuckleheads.

    So I had planned to write a review of a set of PARADIGMs that I got, but time got away form me, I put them on my HH AL as it needed some love... and a new set of strings!

    So... what do I think? -I've been playing Ernie Ball super slinky 9's since November 1991. forum member Lum and I used to get other brand of strings for 2.99 per set and one day the shop stopped doing that deal and I needed strings and moved to slinky...

    For me (And I urge you to try them) I was sceptical as to why I would spend that much on strings, -I mean strings are strings right ?..... WRONG!

    These are different, I can't quite explain the difference using anything musical or technical but I can give you an example of why you should at least try them.

    I'm 40, I have 2 kids that are heading to teenage-ville. I have the most busy work schedule and spend too much time on airplanes and I am struggling to get any time to play. on an average WEEK I manage 30 minutes at best for the whole week. The day after I restrung my HHAL - 1 Hour playing and every other day since I have played for at least 45-60 minutes each time.... It's gotta be the strings, it's the only thing that's changed and when I use another guitar I don't play anywhere near as often. The feel smoother they sound better ( I think) and they have VERY sexy packaging.

    yes I'm a fanboy, - Yes this is in the guitar section and is a tedious link to a string review but - if there are any of you out there on the fence, I urge you to pull the trigger even just once... very cool strings, and very worth the extra 's or $$$$$ 's

    Smelly out.
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    1,772 tell us... what do you 'really' think?

    Really though, interesting results...
    Enjoy Your Balls!!!

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    Just strung up my JP12 yesterday... also liking them so far! And if we can get away with not having to re-string as often, that is a small victory right there.

    Here's some guitar content to keep the thread "guitar forum appropriate".

    PARADIGM.... They make you touch your balls for longer... FACT!-screen-shot-2017-07-02-1-32-18-pm-jpg

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    Just ordered mine, looking forward to trying them.
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    Just opened my guitar case to this

    These paradigms were brand new 3 weeks back and already showing signs of wear, only gigged them 3 times and they've been wiped down after each set. A bit concerned as I've also purchased an acoustic set too.

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