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Thread: Best bass strings for a Stingray bass

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    Question Best bass strings for a Stingray bass


    I've been trying to find bass strings that sits well with a Stingray bass. I tried using D'Addario and DR strings. It does not sound that well with the strings listed.

    Out of the Ernie Ball bass strings I know that the default strings are the Super Silky Strings. I tried those out and the sound wasn't that great. What is another set of strings that would sound great with the Stingray? Any other Ernie Ball bass strings that I should try?



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    You need to be more specific about what it is you dont like about the sound. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

    Also, theres always the possibility that the stingray simply wont work for you. Amp/eq settings may even be to blame.

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