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Thread: Setup required?

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    Setup required?

    I recently got my strat set up and I told the guitar tech the wrong string gauge (I normally using 10 gauge). My start is now setup for 9 gauge strings and I'm finding that the sound is a little too bright for me. If I were to change from using the super slinky's to using hybrid slinky's would I need to get the guitar set up again?

    I understand they are both 9 gauge but the hybrids have three thicker strings and I don't want issues with the guitar constantly falling out of tune.



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    Generally speaking, a change in string gauge will require some adjustments because it changes the tension. You can sometimes get by with smaller changes like you're talking about, from Super Slinky to Hybrid Slinky without any problems. But I also wouldn't be surprised if you need a slight intonation adjustment. It's probably worth the $5 gamble to find out.
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    Yeah, perhaps small changes to trussrod (may need a little tightening) and intonation on the wound strings but only if you feel the need.
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