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Thread: Trying the Extra Slinkys

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    Trying the Extra Slinkys

    I've spend the past few days learning some Gilmore solos, and the regular slinkys are a little tough; trying the extra slinkys for the first time. Just ordered today - now the waiting game...

    Anyone have thoughts on the 9-42 versus 8-38 for lead?

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    They should really be slinky.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    I just moved from 9's to 8's a month ago, on all of my standard-tuned guitars. Really liking the feel. At first, you may have to be extra conscious of not putting as much effort as you're used to into fretting, but I was never "heavy handed" and got past that quickly.

    Was also working on parts with a lot of bends, and was starting to experience more fatigue and soreness than I needed (being someone who can't always practice on a consistent daily basis). Anything to make the routine easier on the hands!

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