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Thread: FAKE Ernie Ball Strings!

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    FAKE Ernie Ball Strings!

    i recently stumbled upon a fake EB string. i hope the EB company looks into these. i saw all kinds and models of EB strings faked and the quality is nowhere near the original. i cant seem to find comparison videos so i made one.

    Part 1: Ernie Ball strings: Fake vs Authentic Part 1 Packaging - YouTube
    Part 2: Ernie Ball strings: Fake vs Authentic Part 2 Content - YouTube

    i have some photos if you need em.
    but really, the fakes sell like hotcakes. and quality is absurd.
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    Thank you for the tip!
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    Thanks for the videos, emanlee!

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    Don't buy your strings from Walmart! I bought some "Gibson" strings from Walmart and they were the deadest, most toneless strings I ever bought. They must have been Chinese fakes, because I've bought the same brand of Gibson strings before, from a music store, and they sounded good. Those Walmart "Gibson" strings were awful!

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