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Thread: Looking for electric mandolin strings?

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    Looking for electric mandolin strings?


    I'm looking for electric mandolin strings, light gauge if at all possible. I've only ever used D'Addario EJ67 as that was the only option carried by any local music stores. I want to try something different. I found Ernie Ball Mandolin Light Strings 2323, but the description is not obvious to me as the whether or not these would be suitable for electric mandolins. Words like bronze/acoustic and nickel/electric are dead giveaways for their application, but "tin-plated" has me stumped.

    If not applicable, any suggested alternatives to EJ67 would be greatly appreciated.


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    YEs they are suitable electric mandolins. I see your confusion, the key word is "steel" rather than "tin-plated". (The plating is for corrosion resistance.)

    The 2323 set is VERY light, gauges 9-34. The 2320 set is 10-36, which is still lighter than the EJ67 set. I'd suggest trying the 2320 set first. If you still want lighter, then go to the 2323 set (which are light enough that it may require a setup or loosening of the truss rod too).
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    Awesome! I'll give both a try. Thanks for the quick reply!

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