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Thread: low e string

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    low e string

    hey guys new to the forum. i am using 11 slinky colbalts . all my strings sound great but but my low e string sound real heavy on my strat and my les paul.i have the bass almost all the way down i my amp too. dont know what to do debating going down 10s or switching to regular slinkys . the colbalts just last so long for me. just trying to get some other opinions.thanks

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    A really quick fix would be to lower your low end of the pickups a little to see if the sound is more balanced. EB claim "a stronger magnetic relationship between pickup and strings" so moving the pickup away a little does make sense if the bass strings are overwhelming. Alternatively reduce string mass by using an individual Cobalt 046 or 044 for the low E as a first step. Yours is a 048 now.

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    Yes, lowering the bass side of the pickups might help.

    Alternatively, if having long lasting strings is your goal, try the Coated Slinkys. The sound and feel just like the standard slinkys but last as long as the Cobalts.

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