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Thread: Porper Install without breaking? Bass

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    Porper Install without breaking? Bass

    I'm gonna get flamed, but I'll post this anyway. Is there an Ernie Ball recommended way to install my bass strings without snapping one accidentally. I ask because after 30 plus years of playing, I switched over to Ernie Ball Strings.

    I tried cobalts the other day on my Bongo 5HH. After I installed the g string, I did some I always have and it snapped rather easily and quickly. I was doing some small stretching from near the bridge and it snapped at the headstock.

    Amazon was awesome and sent me a new set in one day! I started stringing again. I put the g string on....yup, you guessed it. Boing! What am I doing wrong!!!!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wondering if maybe you have some kind of spur or sharp/rough spot in the tuner or nut that's causing the problem. Strange for the same string to break twice at the same place -- and a bass string at that. Don't think I've ever broken one of those. That's the only suggestion I've got.
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    I must be off. I cant even spell proper. I'll check for a spur.....good idear.

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