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Thread: scale length, and what strings should I use?

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    Unhappy scale length, and what strings should I use?

    I've had this problem for quite a while, for several months I've been playing my Schecter Demon 8 with D'Addarios without an 8 string... Well, I've put a bass string on it because my guitar has 28" scale length and none of the packs I bought had the 8th string the length I needed, also spending more just to get one thick string from a bass pack? Nah.

    So my question is - what Ernie Ball strings should I use that will fit the 28" scale? Because everywhere I'd look for specifications, there would be either no info or strings for 26.5" (674mm) scale.

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    Ernie Ball Single strings are available from numerous outlets. Bass strings are generally 34in so get your self a few singles, gauge of your choice to complete your heavy set

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