Hi: I have a Guild D2512 25.5" scale acoustic 12 string, in Fripp or 'New Standard' tuning C2 G2 D3 A3 E4 G4. That's all fifths except for a minor third on top, supposedly because Fripp couldn't find a 1st string that didn't pop when he tried to tune it to B4 for all fifths tuning. This tuning works OK with non standard string gauges of around the standard recommended tension, currently using .0085s for the top G4 pair at 16.6lbs tension each.

So far, so good. The next step in my cunning plan is to find a string that will tune to B4 at 25.5" reliably, without increasing the tension of the 1st pair too much. Are Paradigm strings available singly, and is there a gauge to suit this pitch and tension please?

Thanks, Max