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Thread: M-Steels Breaking Far More than Other Strings

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    M-Steels Breaking Far More than Other Strings

    I've been using M-Steels (10-46) for a few years now, as well as Cobalts and standard EB strings before that, and I notice that M-Steels break far more often and more easily than anything else. This is not the breakage after a few gigs or long playing; I've had about 30% of high E strings breaking within 10-15 minutes after restringing, on different guitars, played by different players, no special bending, nothing. Oddly, the 4th/D string also breaks fairly often.

    Anyone else have similar experiences? M-Steels are very expensive and if this is really the trend, then I'd prefer to use something that maybe doesn't sound as good but is reliable instead (as well as warn people all over social media and online stores to do the same).

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    I’ve been using m-steels since they came out, 9-42. I haven’t had any issues with them breaking. I just switched back to cobalts, but not due to breakage issues.
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