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Thread: Defective Slinky Flatwounds 2813?

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    Defective Slinky Flatwounds 2813?

    I just changed my strings for the Slinky Flatwounds and the G string looks like its rusted (in color, i don't think it's rust), it has a brownish color on it but to my ears it still sounds good. Is this common? bought them new at guitar center SD and the package was sealed tight.

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    They definitely should not have that kind of oxidation when they are fresh out of the package.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonesullivan View Post
    They definitely should not have that kind of oxidation when they are fresh out of the package.
    Funny thing is that it feels smooth, doesn't feel like rust.

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    Hey there,

    That definitely shouldn't happen. Email us at customerservice@ernieball.com + we'll make it right. Thanks for reaching out!
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