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Thread: extend life of slinkies

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    extend life of slinkies

    hey guys,

    been a slinky user for a long time but i can never get more than a week or two of good sound out of them. it helps that theyre relatively inexpensive but id like to buy one set a month and be good. is there any tips you have about extending the "bright" tone life of them? i already wipe them off with a cloth after each use and wash my hands before i play. for reference i play a couple hours a day and gig weekly.

    SIDENOTE: im currently trying cobalts because ive heard their tone lasts a long time but they are a bit harsh when fresh id like to switch back to super slinkies if i can.

    SIDENOTE: im talking about bass strings
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    Mine last a while, but obviously that varies with play time. The Cobalts definitely last longer, but they have a different sound (not to mention that the plain strings are the same).

    Have you tried the Paradigms? They sound like the Super Slinkys, but last a lot longer.

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    sorry should have clarified, im talking about bass strings

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