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Thread: Difference between Cobalt and Group I/II/III/IV flats

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    Difference between Cobalt and Group I/II/III/IV flats

    I recently tried a set of Cobalts on my P bass and they felt smoother than regular Slinkies but not as smooth as Chromes, Fender 9050Ls, and other flats. Sonically speaking, Cobalts are definitely brighter and string noise is still present, even if it's drastically reduced. Tension is also very good.
    I consider them some sort of in-between rounds and flats and definitely a great choice for somebody who plays both vintage and modern stuff.
    What about Group I/II/III/IV flats? I can't find them on local stores and I'm looking for some infos. Are they a more vintage oriented model of flats? What's the difference?
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    Great question. The group I/II/III/IV sets use a more traditional stainless steel flatwound string with a tin-plated core wire. They will be smoother, but not as much punch as the Cobalt flatwound strings.

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    Thanks for the reply.
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