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Thread: Do Big Strings Make A Difference? - 8 Gauge VS 11 Gauge Guitar Strings

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    Do Big Strings Make A Difference? - 8 Gauge VS 11 Gauge Guitar Strings

    What do you prefer.. Skinny Strings, or Big Strings!?

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    I think I can coax a decent tone out of any gauge. My preference for strings is more of a feel thing and being open to lower tunings. I play with a somewhat light touch, but occasionally like some moderate down tuning (D or Eb). So I stick with 10s.

    edit: On a sidenote, it really isn't that crazy that Stevie used such big strings. 25.5 scale, Eb tuning, and mucho bending. Or Brian May with skinny strings - his Red Special is a 24" scale.

    What strikes me as odd is Jimi played 8-38 apparently, but with the same abuse and guitar and tuning as SRV. I kind of don't believe it.
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    That's right, Jimi did a strange gauge set. i believe his theory was, the top strings, don't really make a difference tone wise when it comes to tone.

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    I really don’t think I can tell a difference in sound between 9s or 10s but I like the feel/tension on 10s. I think you should pick your string gauge to what feels and plays the best to you. What feels comfortable. You can dial in anything missing tone wise at the amp.

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