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Thread: EB Cobalt Flats bass string tension

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    Question EB Cobalt Flats bass string tension

    Hey all, where can i find tension numbers for EB Cobalt flats?

    Need to chose proper gauges for my needs, without buying different packs.

    I know how to calculate tension based on scale length and pitch, but i need some numbers to start from.

    I need tension slightly more than TI flats on long scale, but less than typical 45-105 rounds, something like 45-60-80-100. It could be wrong to apply tension numbers known for rounds for calculations of flats tension.

    I bought 45-100 set and feel that tension is higher than i expected, and it is unbalanced string to string. I afraid that 40-95 would be to loose though.

    Probably, i need to assemble my custom set, and this is where i need to know the tension numbers.

    I emailed EB support with this question and the did not reply to me...

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    Hi Igor, I am afraid EB has never published such numbers.

    Have you tried emailing Daniel at the EB support? They are ones who should know - if not in absolute numbers, they might at least give some useful hints in the right direction.

    I have never tried the bass cobalts myself, only a set of 12s for acoustic guitar. I found they felt rather stiff in handling while stringing up. They also felt notably stiffer (in tension) than my usual phosphor bronze 12s after stretching and tuning. I also had to adjust the neck. So I guess, yes, at the same gauge they need a bit more tension as usual.

    If I should try them again (liked the sound!) I would try 11s or even 10s as the tension is defined by the core, not the wrapping.

    That said, I have the TI flats on one dedicated bass and these feel remarkably soft, almost delicate, compared to pretty much any other strings of that gauge.
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