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Thread: Rock n Roll vs. Slinkies - Greater Tension?

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    Rock n Roll vs. Slinkies - Greater Tension?

    I used 9-gauge Super Slinkies on my Soloist for a few years. I just changed strings to the corresponding 9-gauge 'Rock n Roll' pure nickel set. Sounds great, but noticed the Floyd bridge was pulled up once the guitar was tuned to pitch. No problem - I adjusted the bridge to compensate and it's fine.

    But I'm curious about the difference in tension now - both sets of strings are marked with the same gauge range: 9 11 16 24 32 42 . Do the pure nickel Rock n Roll strings inherently exert more tension for the same gauge, vs. the standard Slinkies? Or is this just a fluke in my particular set? Thanks!

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    If I remember correctly, D'Addario says their pure nickel string sets have more tension than their nickel-plated strings, so I'd guess that the pure nickel wrap does contribute to greater tension than a nickel-plated wrap.
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    I have always used Slinkies and they are great.

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