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Thread: String breakage M Steel 10-46

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    String breakage M Steel 10-46

    Hi, has anyone had issues with continually breaking the 4th string on a set of Ernie Ball M Steel 10-46 strings ? Mine continually breaks at the saddle after about 3 playing hours from new ( Fender Stratocaster). I have thoroughly inspected the saddle and bridge plate and my guitars are regularly serviced and set up by Salvis Fine Guitars and Fretco here in Adelaide SA. I rehearse and gig regularly and love the tone and feel of these strings, but after going through 10 sets over the last 12 months am struggling to justify their extra cost coupled with the inconvenience of breakages mid gig. In over 40 years of playing I NEVER break strings, so I don't believe its guitar or operator error. Any thoughts ??

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    If you're continually breaking the same string in the same place, it's probably not the strings

    Is it breaking at the ball end? Or further along the length of the string? It must be contacting a sharp edge somewhere along the length of the string to happen like this. You can have a small burr and not see it- so find the area where this is happening and lightly sand/file the contact points.

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